Personal Chef Services

Euro Chef of Palm Beach offers personal chef services that allow you to not worry about what to make for dinner, is it health, does it fit into my diet, or even is there anything at home to make for dinner. Well, Euro Chef of Palm Beach has your back.

Euro Chef of Palm Beach Master Chef , Chef Zsolt has been cooking for years learning from his mother and then refining his skills at the Florida Culinary Institute. The best part of the services is he works around your dietary needs. He comes to you, sets up the weeks dinner menu, then he goes to the store, cooks the meals for the week, and cleans up everything.

If you are a busy person always working late, you would rather reheat a meal prepared by a highly decorated chef; then some box meal or even worse fast food. This way you know what you and your family are eating is healthy and delicious.

Process:Personal Chef Services

  1. Chef Zsolt will complete a questionnaire so that he can learn what you like, dislike, if there are any dietary requirements.  Also are you looking to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, follow a meal plan, etc…
  2. Chef Zsolt will then create a custom menu that fits your needs.  Once we agree on the menu we’ll do the grocery shopping and arrive with the ingredients, cookware, and tools needed to prepare the meal.  **You need to provide stove, oven, kitchen sink, and some room in the refrigerator and freezer.
  3. The meals will be prepared, packaged, and labeled for storage.  The meals are stored in high-quality, disposable containers.  You’ll be provided with the instructions for heating up the meals.

Euro Chef of Palm Beach provides personal chef services throughout South Florida including Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade County.

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