Personal Chef West Palm Beach

Jennifer K.
We hired Chef Zsolt over a year ago and we couldn't be happier! He prepares fresh meals for us every week custom to our liking. He is very creative and uses lots of different flavors, and has introduced us to many new dishes. When we tell people that we have a Chef prepare our food they always ask isn't that expensive? Once we explain that Chef Zsolt does all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and delivers it right to our door, we are actually saving money. And we are eating much healthier since we started using his service. We have told all our family and friends about him, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to hire a professional Chef.
Jane S.
Chef Zsolt's meals are absolutely DELICIOUS!...Plus he's helped us lose weight while enjoying the yummiest meals. This is absolutely the best gift we've ever given ourselves!
Dwight H.
I have to agree with my wife 100%. Chef Zsolt exceeded all of our expectations with excellent display of breads, fruits and flavorful beef stew. Let's discuss my favorite, breakfast. Pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, personal omelet and a cup of coffee; you can't get this good at any famous breakfast restaurant. We plan on seeing Chef Z in the near future.
Sheree H.
Chef Zsolt prepared an amazing Mother's Day brunch for 20 in my home. Despite me giving him only a week's notice he patiently worked with us to prepare a menu that was perfect for our tastes. He arrived as promised in the morning and made himself at home in our kitchen. He prepared the brunch and was ready on schedule at 10:30 as requested. Everything was delicious. Our favorites were the omelets made to order, French toast, and. Hungarian style beef stew. My family is from the Caribbean and is used to very well seasoned meats so I was a little skeptical about the meat, but at the end of the afternoon we were all ranting and raving over everything, especially the beef! As if it couldn't get any better he cleaned up the kitchen! Before we knew it we had a clean kitchen and he was all packed up and leaving. He gave us a price for his service plus the food bill which he estimated based on the menu. The actual bill was just under his estimate and we had PLENTY of food for everyone and even some leftovers! We were so happy that we asked him right away to please put on his calendar for next Mother's Day.
Michael V.
Great experience all around. Chef Zsolt prepared a birthday dinner for 4 in our home. He communicated well early on to ensure we got the menu we would enjoy, was careful to ask about allergies, and adjusted the menu for us. He arrived on schedule, shopped for every item he needed and brought all of his own equipment. He worked quietly in the kitchen while we enjoyed wine and h'orderves, then elegantly served a 3 course meal. We and our guests never stopped praising the meal, each course carefully prepared and presented. He cleaned up, chatted with us, and took pictures for us. His fee was very reasonable for the complete service he provided and we will definitely use him again. We were interested to hear that he provides meals for clients on a regular basis, sometimes cooking a week's worth of meals and vacuum packing them to be used one at a time. Absolutely no negatives to report. Thank you Chef Zsolt for a great birthday dinner! Michael & Lizzie
Lindsay D.
We hosted a holiday party at my home and Chef Zsolt prepared a fantastic 3 course meal for 17 people. Everything was perfect! My husband said it was the best Swordfish he has ever had! We discussed the menu ahead of time and picked the appetizers as well. He came early the day of the party, prepared everything perfectly! He and the server even cleaned the kitchen spotless after the event! I was blown away by the food and especially the professional service. We have used Chef Zsolt 2 years in a row and I hope to use him again next year!
Annette H.
We have used Chef Zsolt’s services several times already. Chef Zsolt is a courteous, trustworthy, handsome young man, whom all our guests liked immediately. The last four years he prepared all the food for our December Holiday celebrations. On each occasion we invited 40—50 people, so he served the main courses in buffet style, but he also prepared several plates full of delicious hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, each time different ones. The buffet consisted of different types of international and exotic dishes, there was something for everyone’s taste and they were all delicious. Best of all we did not have to do anything at all. He purchased all the necessary items, prepared all the food in my kitchen and cleaned up everything afterworlds. Because of the success of these parties we also asked Chef Zsolt to prepare weekly lunches or dinners when we had several friends visiting us at the same time. This way we were able to have a relaxed lunch at home or after a long outing to have a quiet dinner, without worrying about going to a restaurant. He prepared several packages for each day. Each package included a full course meal for everyone. All we had to do is warm it up in the microwave or in the oven and enjoy it. These prepared meals were real gourmet foods, better than what you can get in most restaurants. My husband and I are very pleased with Chef Zsolt’s services and we highly recommend him. Dr. Michael and Annette Hajdu